We Work with Ambitious Businesses

We work with ambitious businesses, their owners, directors  & managers who are determined for it to grow in the future. We are specific about the people we work with, i.e. already established businesses (not very early-stage start-ups) who want their businesses to grow and develop.

We focus on building sustainable growth into your business. By analysing where the business is and the ambitions and objectives of the owner manager, we set in place the plan to grow, be that turnover, profit or overall value of the business, which can be maintained for many years. We provide skills and insights that will survive long after we have worked with the business.

A lot of these people who start a business do so because they are good at something or have a particular skill. Because they are good, they end up employing others to help deal with the natural growth in the work, and they accidentally end up running a business.

The owner manager is ideally placed to do the work of the business, but then they have to manage the business, often outgrowing their management capabilities. We work with those owner managers who feel that, while the business is successful, it is consuming too much of their time – they start falling out of love with the all aspects of their business.

We also look closely at the personal objectives of each owner & director, i.e. what rewards do they want to get from their business? How much time and energy are they willing to put into the business and for how long? All choices are valid but they lead to different outcomes and different plans on how to get achieve their objectives.

By using applicable technology within the business together we can generate economies of scale and scope to ensure that the rate of growth is better than the cost of growth. Doing more with the same resources and ensuring they do the ‘right things right’ using proven technology solutions mean that the growth is sustainable.

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