Project Rescue

Unfortunately we have over many years seen a number of client projects that have either fallen into a state of confusion and disorder or have become ‘problem projects’ and need rescued. There are a number of reasons why projects can become problems, such as:

  • An inappropriate management approach to the project
  • Poorly defined project deliverables
  • A lack of internal resource or a skills shortfall
  • The business has moved on since the project commenced and the project has failed to deal with that situation
  • An inappropriate IT solution has been selected or the vendor has proved to be less than helpful
  • Cultural and political difficulties
  • Inadequate training or the wrong approach to training
  • Change management and communication issues not being addressed

We start with a short and comprehensive review, the methodology includes a review of the paperwork contained within the project file and meetings with various levels in the organisation from stakeholders through to users, together with vendor or implementation partner input.

Our consultants act to solve the problems and have a vast amount of experience in putting ‘problem’ projects back on track. They possess the knowledge required to get to the root of problems quickly and create a structured plan to resolve the issues.

Quite often the profile of the project needs to be raised within the organisation and our consultants can assist clients with ‘championing the cause’ and helping the rest of the business understand the importance of the project.

Our recommendations for corrective action will provide a mechanism whereby the project can be rapidly salvaged and allow the organisation to realise the business benefits originally anticipated – sooner rather than later.