Software Robots

It’s not science fiction: businesses already uses software robots’ power to automate processes. It works for simple tasks (such as making requests to the database) and the most complex ones.


  1.  Reduce company costs. The software robots allows a drastic reduction of costs in the company. This is because, with the solution, we guarantee efficiency in the application of resources, and we dispense humans for automated tasks. In this way, it is possible to reallocate all investment in training and prepare professionals for more complex tasks.
  1.  Gain productivity. Of course, by automating processes using software robots, we can achieve much higher productivity peaks, depending only on our available resources.  Software robots can guarantee a process without interruptions since the software robots will guide the entire process.
  1.  Scale the business. Managing software robots and the number of robots working in the company is much easier than hiring, training, and relocating employees for specific functions.  With the software robots’ power, we can ensure the scalability of the business to operate on fronts and processes that we would never have imagined if we had a human workforce.
  1.  Increase the quality of data analysis. Software robots can interact with several different sources and databases, allowing them to collect this data and present it in an orderly manner to end-users, i.e. humans.  This reduces the possibility of manual errors and guarantees much more quality for the organization’s analysis and decision-making power.
  1.  Improve the organizational climate. We don’t want to have our jobs replaced by machines, but we would like to automate bureaucratic and unnecessary tasks, right? And that is what the software robots will do. It is not a question of replacing humans completely, it is an opportunity to focus on more intellectual, creative, and genuinely human activities.
  1.  Reduce operational risk. As already mentioned, software robots helps to optimize resources and increase efficiency at the operational level.  In other words, it is possible to do more with less, eliminate production bottlenecks, and reduce human errors. Thus, in summary, we have reduced all risks related to the organization’s operations.
  1.  Enhance the Consumer Experience. Software robots allows us to abandon tasks with little added value for the organization. That way, we can focus more on our customers and provide a more focused approach to their needs.  In addition, automation with software robots already helps customers with tasks such as self-service with chatbots, for example  Everyone benefits from this type of solution.
  1.  Maintain the internal structure and systems.  Contrary to what many people think, the use of software robots does not extinguish the systems, software, services, and platforms we use. In reality, the main objective of using robots is to enhance the use of these tools.  Yes, because the software robots will use them, but they do all the integration in an automated and much more intelligent way.
  1.  Ensure compliance with data regulation. Many customer data are susceptible and protected by new data regulation standards, such as GDPR.  Besides, the consumer himself is more aware of the issue of security and privacy.With software robots, we reduced humans’ contact with sensitive customer data and started to manage them through robots.
  1.  Prepare your business for the future. One of the most significant benefits of software robots is preparing your business for the future.  The hyper-automation is there and relies heavily on robots and AI to come true in many organizations.  Starting investment now in this area can put your company one step ahead of this new moment.