Fractional IT Director

A Fractional IT Director Service gives some businesses the opportunity of having someone of Director level quality, with a wealth of experience and knowledge for a fraction of the price. The aim is to provide a flexible service that will fulfil the role of a full time IT Director.

Potential reasons you might need this service…

  • You are an over worked FD who has been dumped with the responsibility of IT and want some assistance sanity checking your decisions and creating a stable framework for the future.
  • You are the Head of IT and are so busy undertaking day-to-day operations you struggle to find time to create strategic visions of where IT might add value to the business
  • You may think that a full time IT Director would be over the top’ for a business your size but see the value IT brings to the business and would appreciate a greater understanding and future vision of it.
  • You’re a business going through change and as a result IT is playing catch up and struggling to stay stable and become pro-active

The Fractional IT Director service aims to:

  • Provide experienced views on current IT issues and projects
  • Provide ideas and innovative solutions
  • Proactively assist in moving IT strategy forward
  • Challenge habits/culture to champion improvement
  • Add extensive knowledge derived from a wide spectrum of clients
  • Provide high levels of experience in managing supplier relationships
  • Identify and initiate projects to enhance business performance
  • Provide guidance, steering and leadership in IT developments and projects
  • Provide mentoring and coaching for both IT and non IT staff

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