Individual Employees’ and Managers’ Growth

You and your team have a lot to do, so you need to make sure everybody is trained in how to be productive before your business grows sustainably.   Make sure you and your team are working on tasks effectively (only doing the necessary tasks and stop doing unnecessary things) and efficiently (you do them quickly)

The underlying philosophy of leaders of high growth companies is that they have a “do it now” attitude, i.e. they just get on with the job and only do those tasks very well.  Whilst procrastination is the enemy of high growth, also doing nothing or the ‘wrong’ things is not an option for any business, high growth or not.

So you and your team need some simple productivity improvements in the following areas:

  • Good organisation.
  • Clean and organised work place, i.e. a place for everything and everything in its place!
  • Good communication between team members.
  • 10 minute stand up meetings at the start of the day or shift to communicate quickly and effectively. Attendance by senior managers is very helpful.
  • Only hold sit down meetings when you need to agree a number of actions with a number of people. Only document the agreed actions, by whom and by when.
  • Effective email management.
  • Effective delegation skills.

Make it a priority to get everybody trained in how to be personally productive and you will create a lot of time for you and your team to work on the business as well as covering the day to day operations.

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