About ICT Execs

ICT Execs is an independent technology business to business (B2B) advice and guidance company based in West London, UK working with every business to grow.

The ‘ICT’ stands for ‘Information and Communications Technology’ – because we have worked for over 25 years with technology intensive businesses.

‘Execs’ stand for ‘executives’ because we have held very senior roles across different sectors.  Also it is short for ‘execution’, as we really do believe that having a strategy and plans are great but you must put them into action, i.e. execute these plans

Our friends and clients often simply call us ICT Execs.

We believe our practical and pragmatic style allows our clients to quickly and efficiently resolve technology related growth issues.  We use proven business models tailored to your business and the current issue being addressed, e.g. stagnant growth, resource issue, lack of effective digital marketing.


Why hire ICT Execs

We address the growth related problems in real businesses, for most issues  we have probably seen it before and have the expertise to tackle it. Maybe the problem you are facing is more deep rooted than you may believe so taking a step back and having a conversation with us may uncover the root cause of the issue.

Our goal is to deliver sustainable performance improvement for our clients, i.e. we want to leave you in a much better position than before we started.

We bring our practical experience and work with you by providing project and consulting services.

If you need more information or have any queries please feel free to contact us with the details below or fill out our enquiry form or call now for a free confidential consulation on  +44 (0) 203 6374212 or click here to call us!