How We Work with Clients

A Collaborative Atmosphere for Growth

We have all learned that 2 heads are better than one – which is exactly what makes working with ICT Execs for business growth works so well!

Based upon our experience we work with our clients to achieve their objectives.

Our Operating Methodology

  • Pre-arranged & agreed fee structure and prices
  • Clear objectives and measures
  • Focusing on execution of plans
  • Transferring of skills using group training and 1:1 coaching for sustainable results

Our Technical Skills and Competencies:

Credibility – comfortable and confident dealing with senior executives right up to board level

Influencing & Networking – developing internal and external business relationships and using own knowledge, skills and experience to influence others’ opinions and actions.

Communications – excellent, both verbal and written; making oneself understood, sharing information, listening to and encouraging others to get involved. Must be able to translate technical concepts into business language and be expert and selling the benefits of planning approaches.

Practical & Business Focused Programme Management – understanding of what makes change programmes work, why they fail and what needs be done at inception to influence the outcome. Must be able to recognise issues in programmes in execution.

Planning & Delivery of Business Performance – working towards the success of business objectives and following through task-focused initiatives.

Leadership – delivering inspirational and principled leadership, generating confidence and enthusiasm to work towards the client’s vision.

Analysis, Creativity & Innovation – able to conceive original and practical solutions to complex and business-critical problems.

In general there are 3 types of consulting or adviser resource:

Expert:  The expert comes in, tells you what you need to do to solve the problem and then leaves. This type of consulting solves the immediate problem but does not seek to understand the underlying causes of the problem, and certainly does not focus on correcting those causes. The downside here is that the problem will probably reoccur because the causes were not explored. Use of an expert consultant does provide a solution for a specific problem; however the long-term success rate for the project is low.

An Extra Pair of Hands:  This type of consulting is the mirror image of the Expert. The customer hires the consultant to perform a specific task as designed by the customer. The consultant is not expected to understand why the task is being performed; rather they are simply expected to get it done. The consultant is dependent on the customer’s ability to understand the problem and on the customer’s knowledge of how to solve the problem.

Collaborative:  A collaborative effort between the customer and the consultant ensures your problems will be solved and stay solved. This kind of consulting is the best chance for success!

Our approach is based upon behaving as a collaborative consulting resource with you.

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