Growth Plan

Most new growth initiatives never achieve their intended results, simply because the business is not ready to execute them effectively. The only way to overcome that problem is to develop an actionable strategy, assess it against the realities of the marketplace, and then align sales, marketing, strategy and leadership so that the goals can actually be reached.

Working with you the outcomes are specifically designed to meet your needs of as the owner manager looking to improve sales, marketing, strategy or leadership results to achieve the defined growth objective.

Build Your Action Plan

You need to know exactly what Actions to take to get you the Results you want.

Unlike many traditional ‘growth consulting’ providers, we require our clients to complete a structured planning process, beginning with a Growth Assessment, as the first step. The assessment phase ranges from 30 to 90 days depending on the size and complexity of the enterprise, and provides a comprehensive road map for all other decisions.

In short, we give you the solid, proven process they need to stop making ad-hoc decisions or allowing individual agendas to undermine the company’s strategic growth direction.

Hit Your Targets and Repeat

Growth leaders are energised by setting themselves and others challenges, being efficient and effective in achieving them, keeping focus on the task and end result.

By setting targets and measring against these using appropriate technology, an ambitious owner manager will be able to :

  • Generate growth in existing markets to exploit business capacity and exploit market demand
  • Explore new income streams from new markets/service areas (including further engagement with existing markets and development of new income stream concepts such as certification capability)
  • Identify and address any gaps in market knowledge and engagement as well as sales processes
  • Review ongoing resource requirements to maintain and develop new business activity
  • Identify and address through innovative solutions, any process improvements to support business growth

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