Building your website the easy way

So now you have decided on WordPress and your web site name let’s get busy. If you want to test out what your website looks like for free on an actual WordPress platform, then use some free resources. The great thing about this is you can try most of the functionality of WordPress in a ‘text mode’, and it will only cost you your time.

I strongly recommend that you try out your website on the free site. By using, which is a hosted blogging service owned by the WordPress’ parent company (Automattic). Your site will be hosted at at URLs like “”. There are some drawbacks, as they are used only for blogs, you have less control, and cannot do things like use plugins, and cannot deliver your own advertising.

But it is also free, easy, and uses using the same Admin as self-hosted WordPress, so it’s great for your initial testing even when you will be using the real WordPress for our websites!

After some testing and navigation on, the next real step is to pick your own hosting platform. There are very many out there, some free (just use the one rather than others), and others you have to pay for, i.e. called ‘self-hosted’ as you can control everything yourself through the administration pages.

After picking a domain name (see previous blog), you’ll need to register it. There are hundreds of domain registrars that can help you through this process. There is not a huge difference between the services of these sites, and I would suggest you could use the people who host your site (it saves time and in the long run technology problems).  Check out if the name is avalaible as a .com and , I recommend

Owning a domain name is half of the equation, now you need a web server to point that domain toward. The web server will then do its thing and serve up your website to your customers, readers, etc.

The hosting company I chose (and would recommend) is not the ones that advertise heavily on TV (i.e. GoDaddy). I wanted a service that was based in the UK (no language issues, their service desk is open when I am awake, data protection becomes a non-issue as the same laws apply to me and my hosting company), and timestamps at based on the UK. I also wanted one that was price competitive – cheap but not dirt cheap – go to for that, i.e. free. Also it needs to be flexible and have great reviews. I chose TSOHOST try it out here TSOHOST.   If initially you want a slightly cheaper service, but equally great try this UK Hosting company.  UKHost4u

When signed up, you will then have your web site name, and your hosting plan. How use the 1 click option to activate and down load your WordPress site with all the software to host your website.

Next blog with go through how to customise the site, using themes, plugins and widgets – don’t worry no technical skills are required.

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