Which are the best smartphones to buy for a small business?

In the not so disatnt past there was only one brand of smartphone on the shopping list for any business when it came to company phones – this was BlackBerry.

Much has changed since BlackBerry’s fortunes have gone downhill, leaving the marketplace wide open for competitors to step in and pick up businesses’ smartphones.

Now the likes of Apple, Samsung, Nokia and HTC  are stepping in and ‘eating Blackberries lunch’.

This is great news for a business buyer, as you now have a wide choice of handsets to choose from, allowing you to select the best phones for your company’s requirements.

For example, if you’re looking to make a statement the next time you enter a meeting the HTC One M8’s full metal body puts it up there with the iPhone 5 in terms of style and boardroom presence.

If you’re looking for something  more understated, yet still premium and powerful then the  Sony Xperia Z is that smartphone.  Its sleek, industrial design coupled with powerful specs including a quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, 5.2-inch full HD display and an impressive 20.7MP camera means the Xperia Z is a high performer all round.

More and more businesses are turning to Apple’s smartphones, they are great looking and  powerful devices, they come at a premium price.  The iPhone 5 & 6 are the latest in Apple’s line up.  Apple offers a wide range of enterprise resources on the iPhone with support for SSL VPN and data protection APIs.

Working on your smartphone is usually a problem because of small screens, but most manufacturers are solving this with  supersized handsets.  The Samsung Galaxy Note  comes with a huge 5.7-inch, full HD display and its very own S-Pen stylus, merging the line between smartphone and tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy S has a massive number of features, from a fingerprint scanner on the front to a heart rate monitor on the rear. Its interface is responsive and bright 5.1-inch full HD display and powerful quad-core processor makes it a great business tool.  Also its adaptable email and note-taking applications, a host of connectivity options and on-device encryption means you should consider this device for your business.

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