7 Steps to Improve your Website – for FREE?

You may have spent ‘too much’ on getting your website up and live a year or more, and cannot afford or have the energy to go through a total revamp. However there are small changes that you can make to your home / business website that will cost you very little (just time). You will be amazed at the improvement these will make to how your website performs!

1. Install and track Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free and really useful – if you use it correctly. Add the tracking codes to your site then analyse the data at once maybe twice a month. Analyse the lowest-performing pages and look for ways to make those stickier to keep visitors engaged. Pay attention to the customer flow and drop-off rates for each page, and very importantly – make the pages that have the highest average time easier to find. .

2. Try creating and uploading Video

By using decently produced and informative videos into a page can dramatically increase conversions. Most websites can have videos uploaded without changing the basic design or navigational of your site. At least upload them to YouTube and make them accessible from there!

3. Include Client or Customer Testimonials

Having honest and positive customer testimonials will improve your conversion rates and will significantly increase your business website’s impact

4. Refresh Your Home Page

Redesign your home page – it is almost certainly now looking dated, and knowing what you know since it has been live – update it as if you are viewing for the first time as a potential customer. What information do new visitors need, and relocate the links for your most important pages to the highest-visibility areas of your main page.

5. Create Better Calls to Action

Most businesses that lose customers’ attention, eventually understand that customers cannot to navigate around their websites simply and effectively. By having great ‘calls to action’ stating what you would like the customer to do, is the simplest way to increase business with little work involved. Think about the most important business objectives, and then place logical CTA buttons throughout to support the goals.

6. Rewrite Your Content from Your Customers’ Perspective

So many business websites are written in a language that is just not relevant to their customers. Stand back and read your website content your customers’ eyes. Cut the word count by 50%, and then rewrite it using simple language rather than jargon. It is key that it is phrased to allow speed skimming rather than reading.

7. Add your Phone Number

The most effective way to grow sales via websites is to add a phone number on your site – and make it stand out. Start the dialogue with potential buyers when they are on your site and ready to buy.

I said it was simple and not cost you money – give it a try!

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